Measurable advertising:
Across print, mobile & web content

That List provides a single channel from print, thru mobile, to your web content.

By producing print in a compact, pocket-purse-and-wallet format, That List keeps your ad costs down, whilst putting your products, services or events directly into the hands of your next customer.


  • Print puts you in people’s lives in a way that digital doesn’t – physically.
  • You can find it in pockets, purses and wallets, as well as pinned to the office noticeboard, in your local cafe, or stuck to the fridge.
  • Bite-sized and low-cost.


  • Our free app connects readers from at-a-glance info in print to whatever online info you want them to see next.
  • And there’s not a single ad in the app itself, just a direct connection from your ad in print to your web content.

Web content

  • You nominate what you want people to see when they scan from print – your offers, your services, your buy-a-ticket page, your newsletter sign-up.

And it’s measurable

  • Each time someone scans your ad using the That List app, it’s logged.  At month-end, we provide you with a simple report on how many times your ad was viewed.  If you’re tracking conversions, you’ll immediately see what your ROI was on the ad spend with us.
More info?

We’ll keep it brief here.  You can get the full picture over at

Wade, one of the SkillSelection team, is behind That List.  Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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