MigrateAndStudy.com.au is an online directory of registered Australian migration and education consultants.

Professionals listed on MigrateAndStudy.com.au provide services and advice around options available to enter Australia, whether to study at an educational institution, or for work and employment.

These agents can also advise on changing your visa and immigration status once you have entered Australia; for instance, if you entered to study, but are now thinking of taking work in Australia.

MigrateAndStudy.com.au is unique as a directory due to being searchable:

  • by the languages a migration agent speaks, making it easier for you to communicate in your ‘home’ language;
  • the state in Australia an agent is located in, making it more relevant to where you wish to migrate to; and
  • the countries an agent has offices or representatives in.

Visit Migrate And Study for listings of, and contact with, Australia’s registered migration and education consultants.

The team behind Migrate And Study is the same as is behind SkillSelection.  Connect with us on LinkedIn.

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